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Power Transmission Tower & Distribution

NARAYANI POWER TRANSMISSIOMN which has grid availability above 99.5 % is one of the most reliable systems in the country and carries 60 to 70 per cent of the bulk power consumed by Raipur city. It is the key interlink between the generation and distribution of power and links the city transmission system with Maharashtra state grid. In addition, it links the thermal generation stations of Trombay, hydro generating stations in Raigad district with the network and Raipur Distribution utilities like Narayani Power Distribution, BEST, MSEDCL and Reliance Infra Narayani Power Transmission in Raipur is continuously upgrading and augmenting the Transmission system to cater to the increasing demand of Raipur customers and has invested around 1500 Crores in last 3-4 years. There are ambitious plans of investing around 4000 Crores in the next 5 years and also upgrade the system to 400 kV and connecting it to CTU.